Six Steps to CX Mastery

Learn how 'Duck Theory' affects how you approach customer experience and process improvement.

Video 1: Introduction to 'Duck Theory'
Video 2: Modeling Customer Interactions
Video 3: Modeling Internal Interactions
Video 4: Modeling Business Rules
Video 5: Modeling Rewards & Mindsets
Video 6: Wrap-up and Downloads

A super laid back set of lessons from CEM experts James Dodkins & Steve Towers. You might never think about ducks in the same way again!

Six Steps to CX Mastery

Get the inside track in all that Customer Experience thinking and learn how to present a complete picture - connecting the dots - from customers right through to every business process, system and employee in the organization. This six video quick step will provide you with a set of techniques that will let you get to grips with any process anywhere. It works with internal and external customers. It produces results immediately. It fixes costs, improves service and grows revenues. Guaranteed. You will never think of Ducks in the same way again :)

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