Duck Theory

Learn how 'Duck Theory' affects how you approach customer experience and process improvement.

  • Video 1: Introduction to 'Duck Theory'
  • Video 2: Modeling Customer Interactions
  • Video 3: Modeling Internal Interactions
  • Video 4: Modeling Business Rules
  • Video 5: Modeling Rewards & Mindsets
  • Video 6: Wrap-up and Downloads

A super laid back set of lessons from CEM experts James Dodkins & Steve Towers. You might never think about ducks in the same way again!

Duck Theory - How to Run a Successful CEMMethod workshop

Avoid the pitfalls of Customer Experience workshops by taking a broader (end to end) and deeper (surface to the core) perspective, and in doing so create practical Customer Experience Maps. We show you in 5 quick stages of how to do just that.  Why 'Duck Theory'? Well, there are always three things to consider - the surface view (traditionally the old fashioned Customer Journey Map), the below the surface (typically the process, systems and people) and the environment (the culture, behaviour, attitudes, reward systems). In a light-hearted but powerful way we explore the differences and how you can unify them for immediate tangible success. Join us to Learn how 'Duck Theory' effects how your approach to customer experience and process improvement

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